Steaks in Norwich NY

Steaks in Norwich NY

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Steak is one of the best foods, and you should eat it as often as possible. Here are some of my favorite steaks, ranked from least-favorite to most-favorite:

Rib-eye, also called rib steak, is a cut of beef taken from the rib section. It's the most tender and marbled of all steaks.
The rib eye is considered by many to be the best tasting cut of meat; it has an excellent balance of flavor, texture and fat content.
A tender steak with good flavor, this cut is typically less expensive than other cuts that are equally flavorful but not as tender.

T-bone steaks are cut from the short loin, which is located on the back of the cow. This steak contains a tenderloin on one side and strip loin on the other. The strip loin is the most flavorful part of beef and has more fat than other cuts.
The tenderloin runs along your spine, so it’s tender because it doesn’t have to work very hard for you to move around every day (like your leg muscles do). Tenderloins are usually sold separately from whole cows—you can find them packaged in plastic wrap at grocery stores or butcher shops, but they’re often more expensive than other cuts of meat like sirloin or ribeye because they're smaller and have less connective tissue that needs to be removed before cooking.

The porterhouse is the steak that has a little bit of tenderloin, and a big hunk of strip loin. The tenderloin is considered to be the most tender cut of meat, but it’s only about 3 inches long. The rest of the steak comes from the strip loin, which is a long muscle that runs along the back. This part of the cow contains less fat than other cuts and can be cooked medium-rare or even rare!

New York Strip
The New York Strip is a cut of meat from the short loin and is one of the most popular steaks. It’s tender, juicy, and has great flavor. This steak can be grilled or cooked in a cast iron skillet over high heat for about five minutes per side for medium rare or 10 minutes per side for medium.

Filet Mignon
Filet Mignon is the most tender steak and it also happens to be the most expensive. This is a good choice if you like to grill your steaks or pan sear them, but not so much for sautéing.

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